Movement Studio

Practice. Rehearse. Perform.

Studio Hire Redesigned

Our Movement Studio accommodates any classes, whether it’s a one-time event, regular sessions, or an entire school term.

From Pilates to Dance, Martial Arts to Drama classes – our purpose-built studio is designed to cater to our clients diverse needs.

For anyone thinking of starting their own fitness or creative company, there is no need to worry about leases, expensive fit-outs, or maintenance costs.

Our studio is a hassle-free solution.

By choosing The Studio Sydney Group, you’re not just providing a beautiful space to your clients – It signifies a commitment to foster a vibrant and collaborative community that pulsates with creativity

By choosing US; you’re investing in a dynamic ecosystem that propels the arts and innovation forward.

We offer a studio perfect for: 

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    The Studio Sydney Group is the new hub of creativity.


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